Why is there only one aid station and why is it right by the starting line?

Unlike most road races, trail races typically place their aid stations 3 and 4 miles apart.  Given the course is exactly 3.1 miles long it makes perfect sense to place the aid station right by the starting line for the race.  That also means you should consider the use of a "handheld" water bottle or "fuel-belt" for hydration purposes.....especially if you are doing the 10K or half marathon.


Will I get a Bound the Mound t-shirt for participation in this event?

In order to keep the cost of the race down we are not furnishing t-shirts, however; all finishers (5k, 10k and half-mary) will receive a Bound the Mound "finishers" beanie.  That means you need to complete at least one lap to get it

Will you cancel or postpone the race if the weather is bad?

Negative, we will race "rain or shine".  Even if there is 2 feet of snow on the ground we will race.  We will only postpone or delay in the event of severe weather or lightning.  The average temps in Evansville for the month of March are a low of 35 and a high of 55 degrees.

How are 300 people going to fit on a narrow trail?

Well, welcome to the world of trail racing.  This will only be an issue for the first half mile.  The starting line is only 300 yards from the trail entrance so expect a little congestion there.  However, you will be surprised at just how quickly the pack will spread out.  Much of the course is "double track" trail so there is generally plenty of room to pass.

Can I wear my mp3 player or iPod?

Sure, jammin' to your tunes while out on the course is no problem.  However, remember that you are on a trail so make sure you keep the volume low enough so you can hear someone behind you, or just leave one of the earbuds out.

Can I register for the race as a walker?

Yes, just remember that you must complete your distance within 5 hours.  Otherwise you will be listed as a DNF on the race results.  Additionally, if you plan to walk the course you will be asked to start at the back of the pack and you'll need to be conscientious of runners approaching from your six-o-clock while out on the course.

Are "baby jogging strollers" allowed?

Sorry, we cannot allow these out on the course as they will cause too much of a traffic jam.

Are there gonna be any facilities "water closets" out on the course?

Nope!  There are plenty of trees and shrubs to hide behind though..... There will be portable toilets right by the start/finish line however.

So let's say I sign up for the half-mary (4 laps), then I decide I want to cut it short and just complete the 10k (2 laps). What is your policy on this?

Good question and here's your answer. If you have pre-registered you are allowed to change your race provided you notify us at least 24 hours in advance of the event. You can do that here... Now, if you decide you want to cut it short and drop down to a shorter distance "after the race has started" you may do so. Please let one of the finish line volunteers know this as you come thru the finishing chute. However, if you choose to cut your race short after the race has started, you will not be eligible for any awards or recognition. You will still be listed as a finisher and included in the result for the distance you actually completed yet the results will indicate you dropped down to a shorter race. Regardless, your finish time and lap splits will be provided. We fully realize that runners have off days and there is no problem dropping down. We just need to keep it fair from an awards and recognition standpoint

Are there any age restrictions to participate?

We do not have any age restrictions at this time.  We only ask that if you have a younger child that would like to participate, use your best judgement and keep in mind the trail is 3.1 miles and support out on the course is limited.  We welcome the younger participants!

Can my dog run with me?

Sorry, as much as we all love our canine companions, we cannot allow your dog to run with you on race day.  However, you are more than welcome to bring your dog along for any scheduled training or course preview runs. 

Icon 3 Distances to
choose from
Icon 5K (3.1 Miles)
One Lap | $30
Icon 10K (6.2 Miles)
Two Laps | $35
Icon Half-Mary (13.1 Miles)
Four Laps+ | $45