Bound the Mound Course

The official Bound the Mound course is 3.1 miles long.  Your feet will never touch the pavement while running this loop.  What they will touch is , dirt, grass, mud, water, roots, a couple fallen trees, and lots of gumballs!  So in essence, trail racing conditions are perfect!  There will be signs marking them on race day.  Additionally, the course will be clearly marked with bright yellow arrow signs and side trails will be taped off.  You will have no problem navigating the 3.1 miles.

For those competing in the 5K, you will simply complete one loop, the 10K, two loops, and the half-mary, four loops PLUS the "out and back" which will be completed after your 4th lap.  The half marathon out and back is shown in the 2nd picture below.         



Icon 3 Distances to
choose from
Icon 5K (3.1 Miles)
One Lap | $30
Icon 10K (6.2 Miles)
Two Laps | $35
Icon Half-Mary (13.1 Miles)
Four Laps+ | $45